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At the intersection between unpretentious and obnoxious, honest and poorly-edited…  The Wine Bastards tell it like they taste it and live it. If it’s useless, at least it’s free.  If we were any more down-to-earth we’d need to dig upwards to see the sun.

The design of this thing is intentionally sloppy.  Do you want us sitting in front of the computing device polishing CSS or do you want us out there exploring and bringing back the world to you?  Yeah, someday I’ll fix it up real nice like.  The content does deserve more.  For now it’s more about writing it down than making it pretty.

It’s Strange Flavor Candy, my favorite kind.  The label is in some language you don’t know, who knows what to expect.  Open it up and find out.

You can always contact us at info@tikimojo.com.

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