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Chris James Cellars

Another fine place on 3rd Street in McMinville.

I enjoyed their sparkling. I’d have to say while attractive to look at, their tables are an uncomfortable place to sit. You can’t sit at the table and fit your legs underneath. Meanwhile, the splinters in the table surface kept catching the sleeves on my shirt.

Overall I do like the look of the wood and we found the hummingbird motif on the glasses to be a nice touch.

Taqueria Lindo Michoacan – Portland

Doesn’t look like much, does it? At the time of this photo they were closed for their annual January trip back to Michoacan. Let me tell you, these fine people serve the best al pastor taco I’ve had anywhere, and that includes my travels in Mexico.

Not only is this a great place for a nosh, but it’s also parked at Village Merchants, a wonderful resale shop full of treasures. You may also enjoy:

Find them both in Portland on SE Division and 41st.

Taqueria Lindo Michoacan:

Troon Vineyard – McMinville Tasting Room

As of this writing in winter of 2022, Troon had recently moved their Willamette Valley tasting room from Carlton to McMinville. You can read about our visit to the former location in Carlton here.

Their new location right on the main drag of 3rd street in McMinville offers friendly staff, good wine and ultramodern interior design, as if Ikea had a baby with a space capsule.

Here we are posing with some of the biodynamic things they have around to demonstrate how that works.

We are told part of the biodynamic process means you stuff these cow horns with manure and bury them in the vineyard. Hey, if it works it works!

Meanwhile, here’s the Gypsy Rose Carriage, taking peeps for a lovely ride around town. Looks like fun! If you want to know more, click the link below:

Los Molcajetes – McMinville, OR


What can we say about this place? Right on 3rd street in downtown McMinville we’ve walked past it a thousand times. We finally went in. Well, there’s something for everyone in the world.

Spacious, attractive and clean this is a good place to bring picky and/or unadventurous eaters. People who prefer to not be challenged – kids, grandparents, etc. I would not go there for the food itself. While not actually bad, it is meh. Lacking el sabor that is the magic which animates so much of the regular comida to be found.

It’s unlikely we’ll ever go back here to eat, but it is a comfortable place to sit.