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10 Barrel Brewing

When in Boise, Idaho and thirsty drop in downtown and you’ll be pleased with the new 10 Barrel Brewing pub. I was on a very long road trip so my visit was brief. Beer: Good. Food: Good. Ambiance: Good.


Looks like Boise has a pleasant downtown to explore by foot or bike. Or perhaps on this:


Locati Tasting Room

Well kids, here we are in Walla Walla at the Marcus Whitman hotel. Nice place. Grand in the old school way. And there are three tasting rooms right there in the building. I’d maxed out at this point. I couldn’t tell you a damn thing about their wines, but they were friendly and conveniently located! Walla Walla has a nice historic downtown.  However, they mostly roll up the sidewalks early.  Most of the restaurants close by 9.  Pretty good eats though, you won’t go hungry here.  And we managed to find some Cuban salsa before we retreated to the hotel.



Three Rivers

Time is relative, lunchtime doubly so.  Here’s a hint for you – carry your own snacks.  Great patio here at Three Rivers.  Can’t remember a dang thing about their wines, but we sure had a nice time snacking down.  They are also clever enough to turn their lawn into a golf course.  Win!