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Cathedral Ridge

Cathedral Ridge tasting room in Dundee was another pleasant visit.  It’s right next to Hawkins Cellars and they share that fine patio.  It’s a comfy place, our tasting room associate was cheerful and knowledgeable and we liked their wines.  “Big bold reds from the Columba Gorge.”

Cathedral Ridge

Hey kids!  Right next to Hawkins Cellars in Dundee, this place is going to shower you with an impressive and/or incomprehensible number of choices.  No.  You aren’t going to sample 48 wines, but perhaps you could if you had good spitting practice and could sleep over.

So pick five.

Hawkins Cellars

Hawkins Cellars tasting room, more wine from our fine Columbia Gorge, right next to Cathedral Ridge tasting room in Dundee.

Hawkins Cellars

Notice the fine tapas plate they had available anyone needing a snack

What a lovely patio for a picnic.  Let me tells yas, Dundee is not much to look at during (what HST would call) this our Foul Year of our Lord 2018.  It looks like a bunch of accidents and abandoned half-born dreams between convenience stores and scruffy parking lots.

Sure, you may object to that and there are clear exceptions like Argyle and of course, Lumpy’s, and I think we can be certain that the town will be very different in 10 – 20 years, but for now Dundee presents itself as a place that feels like it’s run by a city council with a mutual death-grip around the necks of elderly land-owners and they’re all going down together rather than let change happen.

So, what a pleasant surprise to find this lovely oasis right on the main drag.   Heck, you might even be convinced to enjoy a lovely afternoon hour or two right here instead of bopping over the speedbump of Dundee on your way to somewhere else.

Why look, they even have a sense of humor – the koi pond is inhabited by a fine plastic lizard.

Zerba Cellars Tasting Room

Zerba Cellars is located in Milton-Freewater, out in the Walla Walla Valley.  Very conveniently they also have this tasting room right on the main drag in Dundee.

They make all their wine in Milton-Freewater with Walla Walla fruit, so that means if you’ll  looking to step away from Willamette Valley pinot noir, here’s a good place to stop.

They’re also very friendly.


Dominio IV Tasting Room

Dominio IV has moved their tasting room from the winery which is in the city of McMinville out into the country near Carlton.  They’ve got a lot more room here in this lovely renovated farmhouse.

It’s a great place for a picnic, as you can see:

Dominio IV turbos up their location and bottle labels with things like poems and even a visual graph of how the flavors of the wine move across your palette. Fun and unique!

Dominio IV

Dominio VI
Here’s our favorite tasting room associate of the day.  Every see someone so good at their job that they might as well be telepathic, as she always seemed to be right there with what we wanted right when we were thinking we might want it, always one step ahead.  Like magic!

Good wine, friendly people, beautiful location. We’ll be back.

Dominio IV was also our choice for the 2017 Truffle Shuffle.