note strawberry in glass - classy!
note strawberry in glass - classy!

This afternoon brought forth a hot Portland afternoon shopping trip, yes that Burning Man supply trip that involves a lengthy visit to Trader Joe’s.  I retired to the deck underneath the nearly-adequate shade of the reed blinds.  I was joined by Milan Kundera who brought with him Johann Goethe and Ernest Hemingway.  Before long Kundera brought forth Professor Avenarius who is in the amusing habit of slashing the tires of the cars of Paris secretly in the night, in a mathematically beautiful series intended to strike a blow against “Diabolum”.  You go, Professor, go!

I feel much the same every time I enter what the demons call “Beaverton”.

Take the edge off with a little bit of this stuff: Villa Carlotti Prosecco.  It’s light.  It’s got bubbles.  Put some of those bubbles in you.  I recommend having something fruity for additional dazeoluciousness if ya got it.  Another great buy from Joe’s.

reference: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2001/may/06/mayday.comment

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