Sokol Blosser Meditrina “American Red Wine”

mmmm wine
mmmm wine

As frequent visitors will note, I usually buy $10 and under bottles of wine.  This one was $15.99 after QFC club card discount.  I felt I owe something to Sokol Blosser for putting up with us.  Some time ago I was part of a Clown Wine Tour – that is to say – two limos full of people dressed as clowns “tasting” wine.  They knew two limos were coming.  They didn’t know two limos of clowns were coming.

On the whole, the were good sports about the invasion and I believe everyone had fun, though we didn’t buy much wine on that tour.

Good news – this bottle here deserves a good review on it’s own merits.  It’s what I like in a red wine.  Strong meaty flavor.  Some heft, like it would hold it’s own in a bar fight with a salami and olive plate.  A single sip fills your mouth with tasty stuff.  This is wine, not red-colored tap water.  Yep, this is how I like it.

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