Pastora Cream Sherry

cream sherry

Another nifty inexpensive sherrry!  Happy day for us fans of tasty Spanish stuff!

“Cream” sherry is a sweet wine, often saved for desert.  However, if you’re me (and some of you out there are) will find this yummy any time of day.   This one is definitely full-flavored and it’s going down well with this delicioso Spanish chorizo which I happen to have handy.  You might say it’s got a bit of carmel maybe, or maybe a bit of brown sugar flavor.  For $4.99 at Trader Joe’s I say it’s darn yummy.

From Wikipedia:
“Sweet Sherries
(Jerez Dulce in Spanish) are made either by fermenting dried Pedro Ximénez or Moscatel grapes, which produces an intensely sweet dark brown or black wine, or by blending sweeter wines or grape must with a drier variety. Cream Sherry is a common type of sweet sherry made by blending different wines.”

One thought on “Pastora Cream Sherry

  1. Bought this in California and liked it and the price but can’t find it near me in Southern New Jersey, USA

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