Trade Winds Tripel

Tradewinds Tripel
Tradewinds Tripel

From The Bruery in California comes Trade Winds Tripel, “belgian-style ale brewed with rice and Thai basil” says the label.

What’s it like?  Floral, alcoholic, definitely a bit like sake.  Delicate.

This beverage tastes like it is balanced, balanced in a way you may never be.  Me?  I’m not balanced, merely “aimed”.

This beer is balanced like a cartoon kung-fu master on top of a stone monolith, busting down his student’s sad rookie attitude with his mad skills.

I wish I could say I could taste the basil, but perhaps someone who hasn’t smoked a big cigar earlier could.  It feels good that it might be in there.

I call it good, go out and pick up two bottles and send one to me.

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