Marshal’s Winery


Hey kids!  While you weren’t looking we had a winery experience.  Went out to pick up our wine club stuph from Maryhill.  The place was cray-cray crowded.  Mmmmm not much of an advertisement for being in their wine club, really.  Anyhoo… after the mob scene we headed over to Marshal’s Winery – the exact opposite experience.

Our buddy Mr. Marshal was a welder in the Navy, met his wife in the Philippines.  Spent years as a long-haul trucker.  Looked around one day and decided that maybe the 100-year old grapes on his place maybe could also make wine.

Not fancy.  Down-home, as they say.  Comfortable.




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One thought on “Marshal’s Winery

  1. It was eerily reminiscent of a bar in Tijuana where I almost got knifed. That’s not to say I had any fear of getting knifed at Marshall’s (except maybe by one of the weird dogs), I’m just sayin’ it looked a lot like that place in TJ.

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