The Teutonic Wine Company and The Wild Hunt

Here’s Barnaby, the winemaker behind The Teutonic Wine Company manning the bar at his tasting room on SE 20th right off Powell Blvd in Portland.
saturday - 1

Actually, he prefers to refer to his place as a “pub” as it’s his goal to have a pleasant hangout spot for all kinds of people.  Yes, he’ll sell you a $40 bottle of fine wine, or if you prefer a $3 Rainer Tall Boy with a frosty mug to go with it.

saturday - 2

And for snacko-miendos they’ve teamed up with The Wild Hunt, a nordic food cart with all kinds of tasty things I can’t pronounce.  We noshed down on open faced blood sausage sammiches with a very tasty slaw and even better – a delish pickled egg with the surprising saltiness of caviar.

saturday - 3

This photo came out rather dark in our moist PNW spring weather.  You’ll find the place quite comfortable with a relaxed and friendly vibe.  When we were there Barnaby was spinning the 70’s vinyl and in the next room they were showing the campy action film Norwegian Ninja to complete the theme.

We enjoyed it, perhaps you will too!

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