Four Graces

The Four Graces?
We were directed to The Four Graces as a good place for a picnic.  It’s unclear which Graces they are referring to, perhaps these?  In any case, we picked a poor time to arrive, hot and hungry just as the place was overrun and packed to the gills by someone’s bachelorette party.  About 500 women yammering away at each other loud enough to drown out a Disaster Area concert.

Having been spoiled by being virtually the only visitors at wineries for the last so many visits, we almost fled for safety immediately BUT some kind person had given us secret cards good for free wine.  Being smart shoppers we of course, were staying.

four graces winery

That was a poor way to start the visit, but I have to hand it to the staff for being troopers.  They herded the hens outside, kept their cool and didn’t seem to break a sweat.  So, good work, team!


This is how we roll.  With picnic supplies.  GUH!


Ok, this place is another Pinot Noir winery, so their wines didn’t make an impression on us, but we know how to have fun either way!

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