Rum in Ho Chi Mihn City

Rum, it’s what’s for dinner.

Saigon Rum, product of Vietbev
Caribbean Dark Rum Superior, product of Viet Beverage Corporation

Been looking for something worth-while to bring back fom Vietnam, always looking for local examples of interesting beverages.  It may be a bad thing that these labels are in English instead of Vietnamese. I’m not sure, I’m new here.  The city so far, seems awash in the kinds of alcohol you’d get in the Duty Free shop instead of something made nearby.

The dark rum has a strong brown sugar flavor, the light a pleasant vanilla flavor.  Neither are very complex, but they were about $6/each so perhaps they are intended as more of something fun to take home vs a vital part of  local culture.

In fact, taking a closer look at the label on the Caribbean Rum it says, “Blended and Bottled from French Rum Concentrate”.  Ingredients list “French rum concentrate, food grade ethanol, pure water”.


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