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White wine reviews

Troon Carlton Wine Bar

What’s a Troon? Beats the heck out of me. I was figuring it’s some kind of Yeti, but we forgot to ask while we were at Troon’s Carlton Wine Bar.

Here’s a silly photo, just to show that they have a sense of humor.

Hey, check this out!  They’ve got a lovely back patio and encourage you to bring a picnic and enjoy the afternoon.

We had a nice time there, I bet you will too.  A little more on Carlton for you:

Seafood Sundays at Teutonic Wines

Teutonic Wines has been hosting Seafood Sunday – a different seafood, a different seafood dish every sunday through this summer.  A great way to get people like us to drop in!  We don’t usually take food photos, but we’ll make an exception this time around.  Seafood Sunday continues through the end of September.

Joyce demonstrates the BBQ combo


Here’s Joyce showing off the Ahi tuna


Here’s Steve with the crab mac ‘n’ cheese

crab mac 'n' cheese!

Yes, we are lunching at a picnic table in the bed of a pickup truck with our feet cooling in a kiddie pool!


…and if it’s not Seafood Sunday, you can still order a frito pie!

frito pie

Shafer Vineyard Cellars

Well the photo on their web site is so much better than our attempts you’ll just have to go look at it here:

Just west of Forest Grove Shafer Vineyards is worth the trip just for the view itself. Something we noticed right away is they’ve been doing the do since 1978 and you can see it in the size of the vines they’ve got growing out of the ground there.

…and they are friendly. Here’s myself and Ryan, our man behind the bottles:

Shafer puts an unusual twist on the winery tasting room experience by also having an extensive collection of Christmas decorations available for sale … nearly every possible item the mind can conceive is available as a Christmas tree ornament, including St. Louis. You might as, “why, god, why?” And I would have to agree with you. However, there it is. Once you’ve figured out how to stay away from the Christmas stuff, you’ll find they have some very nice picnic tables just begging you to stay awhile and enjoy yourself, and I think you should!

The big winner in today’s wine lineup is clear, and it’s a white! (Frequent readers will know we’re more tickled by phat reds generally) Their 2014 Müller-Thurgau has an unusual and very pleasant flavor. Well, we like it at least, and maybe you will too.


This past weekend found us camping in the mountains outside of Yakima, Washington.  We took the opportunity to chase some grape juice.

Windy Point

Windy Point

Very pretty tasting room, with a beautiful kitchen! Makes you want to cook!

windy-point - 2 windy-point - 3

Joyce likes their wines, and the view is great! This place is a keeper.

windy-point - 4

Masset Winery

Just a short drive down the road we found ourselves at Masset.  Keep your eyes peeled for mutants…


A great thing about dropping by wineries on non-weekend days is you get to beat the crowds and you can chat more if you feel like it. All the wines at Masset worked good for me. They are a small producer and you pretty much need to go buy straight from them. In any case, a pleasant visit!

masset - 2


Two Mountain

Next up was Two Mountain.

2 mountain

2-mountain - 2

2-mountain - 3

We’d been here a couple years back. The tasting room is lovely, I quite like it. However, we didn’t enjoy this visit as much. We’d been spoiled by having the other wineries be nearly deserted. Here we encountered a group of giggling college kids who monopolized the staff. I remember that we had enjoyed their wines the last time we were here. Today not so much. It may be that the wines at Windy Point and Masset were quite good and simply overshadowed Two Mountain.

2-mountain - 4

2-mountain - 5

Knight Hill

Knight Hill was my personal fav from this trip.  Very friendly personable service from the owner, good wine, great views.

Knight Hill

We had a good time chatting with the owner.

kight-hill - 2

Yes, we stopped for some lunch.  Yup, it was hot outside.

kight-hill - 3

They had a sign up about a B&B room they have.  Nothing on their web site about it though.  I guess drop them a line if you’re interested.

kight-hill - 4


Our last winery of the day was Portteus.


Big building!

port-something - 2

This map must mean something…

port-something - 3

port-something - 4

We had a good time chatting him up about their experiences going organic vs. traditional vs. biodynamic.  We got to chat about our experience in Costa Rica exploring the El Toledo coffee farm and how they converted to biodynamic.

port-something - 5

port-something - 6

I was stuck washing my own hands.  Sad!

Sunshine Mill

A very impressive place.  Right in The Dalles in the Columbia Gorge.  They’ve turned a huge cereal mill building into a winery and event space.  You can’t miss it as you drive by on I-84 as they’ve painted their name about the size of a football field on the side of the silos.  Very pleasant place to hang out inside, especially if you’re me and you’re fond of big old machines.