Nature and You

We all know what nature abhorrs – a vacuum.  Once nature has had it’s way with vacuum for the day, what’s next on it’s hit list?  Your frukkin’ white carpet.  Only carpet salesmen know why white carpet is installed in homes.  That reason is because you never sell white carpet once.  It always has to be replaced.  Nature hates it.

Sure, it looks good in a nice empty place, but then you move in with your mighty meaty man-hands and their luna-orbit-displacing man muscles.  It’s only a matter of time before nature strikes in the form of your hand and a glass of red wine and nature hates. a. white. carpet.

G. Durand 2007 Syrah
G. Durand 2007 Syrah

Here’s the real victim: G. Durand’s 2007 Syrah.  $10/bottle with the QFC discount.  Thank you France!  Dang this stuff is good.  Good strong mouth feel.  Tastes good on the tongue.  Goes down easy.  It’s a winner, something that should not be on the dang white carpet.

One thought on “Nature and You

  1. NOooooo! don’t spill it… Oh well, if you manage to “accidentally” spill some white wine in the same spot it might disappear!

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