Freddie’s Blend

Sagelands 2007 “Freddie’s Blend”
Sagelands 2007 “Freddie’s Blend”

Sageland Vineyards 2007 “Freddie’s Blend”

$9.99 at QFC after your QFC Valu-Ape Discount Card discount.  What can I say?  Labels on bottles are very important.  When I see this label with it’s name and mellow sage colors I can’t help but feel a visceral connection to the many hours I’ve spent puttering around Eastern Oregon gloriously goofing off, and the wonderful smell of sage.

Of course, then I open the bottle and it doesn’t smell at all of sage, just of red wine.  It’s decent red wine, maybe just a hint of sweet smokiness, but nothing like the sweet scent of the sagelands after a thunderstorm wafting over the der Thing while rolling towards Sisters.  Figure out how to put that in a bottle and you’ll never want for money again.

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