Cooper’s Hall Winery and Taproom

Cooper's Hall


Hey kids, Saturday night we dropped into Cooper’s Hall Winery and Taproom to check it out. It’s quite an impressive looking place – big open area, winery stuff in the back, long bar with more silver taps than Carter had little liver pills.

The short report – we’ll have to come back and try it again. At 8pm on a Saturday night they were clearly seeking a night club crowd with loud, dance-y music, lights so low you need a flashlight to look at the menu. Their schtick is their tap system. The idea is the product stays fresher and they aren’t throwing out hundreds of bottles. Ok, I’m willing to buy that. We had a bit of the red wine they make there. Good stuff. We like strong red wines that can hold up to a harsh universe and/or a good chewing.

The appetizer was pretty good, but for $13 I’d prefer my octopus dish to be more than 50% octopus instead of mostly potato.

In summary – has promise. We’ll try it again sometime when it’s not party hours.

– Steve

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