Buenos Aires Part I

Welcome to Buenos Aires. I brought along my portable LP player and bought some vintage LP’s.  Here’s some reviews:

Imperial Scotch Ale and Edmundo Rivero

24 pesos for a liter in an old-school returnable bottle.  That works out to barely more than $2 USD.  Dark, malty and a little sweet. It’s a good beer.

A strong manly voice to go with these tangos.  For listening, not so much dancing. Quality stuff.  I don’t know squat about vintage tango.  I picked this disc out of the stacks based solely on what I would expect from the jacket if it were a US product.  I must have done well because the grumpy old guy in the shop lightened up and became friendlier when I pulled out something he approved of.

Palermo Cerveza Rubia and Tangos Michel Delon



This was tasty and refreshing, slightly malty with bright carbonation.  A pleasant amber ale.  So far beers in Argentina tend towards malty instead of hoppy.  Also only 24 pesos for a liter! (aka, about $2 USD as of March 2015)

The record – usually if you need a hootchie-kootchie girl on your record jacket it means your music isn’t selling itself.  This disk isn’t bad, pretty much standard stuff though recording quality seems a bit off.



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