Buenos Aires Part II

Our brief tour of bottled beer and vintage LP’s in Buenos Aires continues…


Quilmes 1890

“Una cerveza rubia de color dorado, cuerpo y delicioso sabor intenso” or so reads the bottle.  I guess you could say it’s got a golden color, but an intense flavor…? only in comparison to Quilmes’ mainline beers which appear to be the Budweiser of Argentina.  The price is 25 pesos for a liter, with a 5 peso deposit on the bottle.  I’d turn this one down, there’s better stuff on the shelf next to it for the same price.

12 Rounds of Exitos

Given all the song titles in Spanish on the jacket I thought I was getting something local, but this turns out to be a disk of late 60’s early 70’s US pop.  Some of it familiar, some forgotten.  Not a great purchase, but at least it came with an entertaining jacket.

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