Nehalem Bay Winery

Here we are at the Nehalem Bay Winery.

The best part about this place is the building.  It’s a quaint Bavarian-style structure originally built as a creamery around 1907.


The staff was friendly, though harried.  I’m afraid the wine itself was a letdown.  Most of the places we go, the wine is fine.  If we’re not fond of it, it’s because it’s just not the style we find most pleasing.  Here I’m afraid we just didn’t find the wine to be very good.  In fact, I’m trying to be nice here.  A couple of them I found to be downright unpleasant.  However, maybe you’ll like their product better, so go check ‘m out.

They have a wide variety of fruit wines. Cranberry, plum, apple, blackberry, concord grape, peach…  Probably best off as an ingredient in something else, but definitely not dull.

We scooted back to Nehalem Bay State Park.