More Beer in Saigon

And so, we continue our tour through beer available here in Ho Chi Mihn City.   Here we have Blue Cap from Sapporo (Japan), Tiger Crystal (Vietnam) and Huda (Vietnam).

They’re all pretty much budweiser, which is fine given the heat and humidity here. I did enjoy the Blue Cap a bit more than other versions of Bud, but it’s hard to really properly nerd-test these things while also eating kimchee.  But that’s the way it’s supposed to be drunk anyway, right?

Huda wins the award for the most interesting can.  It comes very close to having not one word of English on it.  Appears to be brewed by Carlsberg Vietnam.

Saturday we took the Apple Dumpling Gang out for Dim Sum, shopping and chocolate.

Me in front of An Dong Market. If you go up to the third floor there’s numerous stalls with good nick-nacks to bring back. It’s far lower key than Ben Thanh Market. Feel free to haggle a little bit to keep your bargaining skills strong.

The House That Chocolate Bars Built:

Maison Marou

Maison Marou makes fine French-style chocolates using beans grown in Vietnam.  One word – YUM.  Stop in and get some drinking chocolate.

Yep.  Tasty, tasty macarons. This plate set me back about $3.50.

Noah settling into a nice dark chocolate high.

Here Trevor takes a break from bugging me to play Minecraft for a quick photo in my hat.

Noah’s youngest.  She’s a cutie!

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