Ron Pampero Blanco

Went into a new-to-me grocery store here in Ho Chi Mihn City and made some new discoveries, including this: Ron Pampero Blanco from Venezuela.

The label is all in Spanish, which is so refreshing as that’s a non-English language I can actually read!  (So far my Vietnamese hasn’t progressed past “thank you” and “I’m sorry”) The label says this rum has flavors of ripe banana, carmel and vanilla.

Now, I know my tongue is scoured by my daily intake of a quart of  kimchee so I may not be the best person to be tasting subtle flavors.  In my mouth this rum is so light it’s nearly vodka.  Not that it’s bad or anything, made a perfectly good Cuba Libre.

Circle K is big around here, somehow. Also notice the excellent local wiring.

The energy coffee that changes life!

Walking along the river at night.

Cheese!  If you look closely you’ll see the “american style” prepackaged cheese slices are named by their intended use, for those who don’t know how to use cheese, apparently.  Sandwich, Toast and Hamburger.  If you look close you can also see a cheddar labelled “strong and bitey”.


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